Create Custom Garmin Activity Type


I use Garmin Forerunner 255 Music as my activity tracker for running, walking and OT class. For the OT class, we occasionally have a boxing session. My Garmin has a handy ‘Incident Detection’ feature, or a fall-detector. This is a safety feature that will send a message to select contacts with my location if it thinks I’ve fallen. It does give me time to cancel the message, but in the middle of a boxing circuit it’s a bit annoying to stop to fiddle with the watch. Especially when wearing boxing gloves.

So, to get around this I created a custom activity type for the OT class, where the Incident Detection feature is turned off.

Create a new Activity Type with Incident Detection turned off:

  1. Press the Start button to see a list of activity types to start.
  2. Press the Up button to jump to the bottom of the list. :)
  3. Press the Down button to select the ‘+ Add’.
  4. Press the Up button to select Copy Activity.
  5. Press the Down button, as needed, to select the Activity Type I want to copy.
  6. Press the Start button to copy the Activity Type.
  7. Press the Up/Down/Start buttons to navigate the text editing widget to give the Activity Type a new name.
  8. Select the Green Tick when finished.
  9. Select Done option.
  10. Select as favourite or not.
  11. Press the Up/Down/Start buttons to select where in the menu to place it.
  12. Press the Back button to return to the main screen.
  13. Press and hold the Up key to select settins menu.
  14. Select Safety & Tracking.
  15. Select Incident Detection.
  16. Read the message and press Start.
  17. Press the Up/Down buttons to select the Activity Type.
  18. Press the Start button to toggle Incident Detection on/off.