Disable Ubuntu's DNS stub resolver

I’m starting to experiment with Rancher to manage docker instances. However, when trying to starting the rancher-agent, the logs were showing that it didn’t like the lookback address being used for DNS resolution. It then promptly refused to go any further. The stub resolver is intended to make things easier for users who move between networks and need a more dynamic method to select their DNS resolution server. Whether that is because they are a laptop user or they need to connect to a VPN periodically.

Building this site in Github Pages

Outdated - this site is not longer hosted on github not is it using jekyll. The following are instructions to build this site. Largely it is an exercise in both verifying the steps for myself and in using the site building tools to create and publish this post. These instructions are based on building a user or organisation site, rather than a project site. Create initial site Create Repository: kemitix.

gpg: signing failed

Trying to setup Jenkins to sign artifacts with the maven-gpg-plugin to allow me to deploy to the Sonatype OSS Nexus. However I was getting the error: 1 2 [INFO] --- maven-gpg-plugin:1.6:sign (sign-artifacts) @ parent --- gpg: signing failed: No such file or directory Choon-Chern Lim suggests adding --pinentry-mode loopback to fix this. 1 2 3 4 5 6 <configuration> <gpgArguments> <arg>--pinentry-mode</arg> <arg>loopback</arg> </gpgArguments> </configuration> Which then brought me to the error:

Template: Jenkinsfile

Outdated - I haven’t used Jenkins for my CI in years. Features: Records all environment variables Aborts if attempting to build a SNAPSHOT version on either the master branch or a pull request onto the master branch Perform Static Code Analysis with checkstyle and pmd if there are Java source files - will fail if plugins are not available Performs a test build/install with Java 9 to validate compatibility Performs build/install with Java 8 for deploy candidate Records test results and code coverage in Jenkins if tests were run by surefire/failsafe Publishes code coverage to Codacy if tests were run by surefire/failsafe - see helpers below Archives any jar file created Deploy if on master branch and is attached to a remote git repo (i.

Navel Gazing Meetings

I have to give up an afternoon’s perfectly good working time, where in I could actually get some good solid work done. The peace and quite that is available to juts get my head down, without the constant interuptions for help and advice from other members of staff. Most of whom take Friday afternoons of. Which usually means I can get some work done. Not this week. My manager is pulling the whole department into a planning meeting.

Creative Archive Licence

The BBC are leading an initiative that is almost Creative Commons, but has some extra restrictions. The most significant is that you have to be within the UK, at least most of the time, to use it. (The Rules in Brief) It is still in a consultation stage, having only been launched today. Just now they are looking for feedback on what areas are of interest, so they can prioritise making that content available.