UK Election: Who Would I Vote For?

I heard last week that there is to be a General Election here in the UK. Being somewhat oblivious to most maters of state that aren’t technology related I found this quite interesting. Some years ago I did look through all the various pollicies of all the available parties and weighed their pros and cons, settling on the LibDems as being the closest to my own beliefs in most areas.

Cacao Epic

I’m trying some of Green & Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate. Nice. Should help me get to sleep tonight. Hot milk with chocolate. It just prompted me to ask Google Suggest where it originally came from. My first impulse was that it entered the Western culture when Grijalva’s expedition arrived at Vera Cruz, and followed a year later in 1519 by Cortes. But Grijalva’s expedition either didn’t notice it, or missed it when they were there.

NASA Lacks Confidence

From TechNewsWorld: Recent events have underscored the need for a rescue option. NASA officials said last month that they aren’t yet confident in new methods for fixing a shuttle in orbit. Without viable repair methods, the only way to rescue a marooned crew would be through a second shuttle. NASA are preparing the shuttle Atlantis to be able to launch within a month of Discovery’s scheduled launch. It would be sent up to rescue the seven crew should something happen to Discovery that made mission control fear another Columbia-like incident.

Welcome to Nullodium

So we have the first post here on Nullodium. Not that anyone will be around to read this first post as it is posted. If you are, gee, you’re weird. But welcome anyway. What can you expect to find here? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure yet. This isn’t my first blog. Nor my second. It is however, my first annonymous blog. So I can let it all hang out, and say what I want and mean without fear or risk of embarassment.